The Blackening Showtimes Near Mjr Westland (2024)

1. MJR Theatres: Home

  • Experiences. MJR offers a wide-range of experiences including immersive Premium Large Formats such as IMAX, Laser Ultra, and EPIC, along ...

  • Buy Tickets for

2. MJR Westland Grand Cinema 16 - Detroit Metro Times

  • Sun 10:15 AM, 11:45 AM, 1:15 PM, 2:50 PM, 4:15 PM, 6:05 PM, 7:15 PM, 9:05 PM, 10:15 PM. Mon 11:45 AM, 1:15 PM, 2:50 PM, 4:15 PM, 6:05 PM, 7:15 PM, 9:05 PM, ...

  • Detroit Metro Times is your free source for Detroit and Michigan news, arts and culture coverage, restaurant reviews, music, things to do, photos, and more.

3. MJR Southgate Digital Cinema 20 - Detroit Metro Times

4. Dearborn, MI Movie Theaters |

  • Find movie theaters near Dearborn, Michigan. Showtimes ... MJR Westland Grand Cinema 16. 6800 North Wayne ... Back to Black · Spider-Man: Homecoming · The Skywalker ...

  • Your ticket to more! The innovative movie ticketing app and website, Atom simplifies and streamlines your moviegoing experience. Buy tickets, pre-order concessions, invite friends and skip lines at the theater, all with your phone.

5. Emagine Canton

  • Showtimes. 734.787.3002. Address. 39535 Ford Road ... Get close to that special someone in our unique seats that are built for two. ... Each theatre has huge ...

  • You can now text us at (734) 292-8769. We are available from 12pm to 8pm daily. This number is for our Canton location only at this time.

6. New Movies in Theaters (2024) - Rotten Tomatoes

  • Stress Positions · Oasis · Karaoke · In Flames

  • Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets

7. MJR Grand Opening - CBS Detroit

  • 10 nov 2011 · However, when I arrived at the MJR Westland ... black pants, crisp white shirts, and black vests. ... around and checked out the theater. Everyone ...

  • CW Detroit

8. Emagine Entertainment | The Magic of Movies & More

  • Emagine Entertainment's affiliates own and operate luxury theatres in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Emagine operates theatres with a ...

  • Emagine Entertainment’s affiliates own and operate luxury theatres in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Emagine operates theatres with a combined 24,500 seats and 208 screens.

9. Reserved Seating Movie Theaters - Fandango

  • FIND THEATERS + MOVIE TIMES NEAR. FIND MOVIE TIMES ... Orono Black Bear Cinemas; Saco Apple Cinemas Saco ... Westland MJR Westland Grand Cinema 16; Woodhaven ...

  • Find a movie theater with reserved seating near you. Why sit in a bad seat when you can guarantee a great one? Buy your movie tickets and reserve your seats on Fandango.

10. AMC Sets Admissions Records With 'Black Panther' - Boxoffice Pro

  • 20 feb 2018 · ... by the more than a BILLION ... “BLACK PANTHER has taken on a life of its own at movie theatres ... MJR Theatres Expands Laser Ultra to MJR Westland ...

  • PRESS RELEASE LEAWOOD, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This past weekend, movie theatres served as the magical portal to the No. 1 tourist destination in the world: Wakanda. BLACK PANTHER roared its way to a $201-plus million Friday-Sunday opening weekend, setting many records along the way, and AMC Theatres® (NYSE:AMC), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the U.S. and the

The Blackening Showtimes Near Mjr Westland (2024)


How much does MJR pay cast members? ›

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Mjr Jobs
CityAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
San Francisco, CA$52,932$25.45
Los Angeles, CA$52,001$25.00
Marysville, WA$51,862$24.93
Green River, WY$51,764$24.89
6 more rows

What's playing at MJR Westland? ›

  • The Fall Guy. 2 hr 5 min. ...
  • Tarot. 1 hr 32 min. ...
  • Challengers. 2 hr 11 min. ...
  • Unsung Hero. for thematic elements. ...
  • Movie Lover Certified. Today. ...
  • Abigail. for strong bloody violence and gore throughout, pervasive language and brief drug use. ...
  • Genre:Action, Thriller. Today. ...
  • Boy Kills World. 1 hr 51 min.

How did the MJR clap start? ›

A couple of patrons claim to have started the clap back in 2005, and maybe even earlier. According to Anthony Taylor, MJR's marketing director, the song -- written by Steve Curran and co-writers Julie Magsig and Mark Miller -- debuted in 2001, and the clapping started a “couple of years later.”

Does Westland have a movie theater? ›

6800 N. Wayne Rd.

Do actors get paid per show? ›

Television actors can also be paid per episode. Film and TV actors are paid residuals for traditional projects distributed beyond the original scope. The latest SAG contract also guarantees residuals for actors working on streaming projects.

How much do live actors get paid? ›

Theatre Actors Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$138,000$11,500
75th Percentile$46,000$3,833
25th Percentile$30,000$2,500

Is MJR only in Michigan? ›

MJR Digital Cinemas is a movie theater chain headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. MJR Digital Cinemas serves the Metro Detroit area. Currently, MJR owns and operates 10 movie theaters with 169 screens under the MJR banner.

How many MJR locations are there? ›

MJR Theatres is a State-of-the-Art Multiplex Cinema Operator committed to consistently delivering the ultimate movie-going experience, while providing superior customer service to guests at our 10 Michigan locations.

Does MJR Universal have reclining seats? ›

Experience why it's more fun at the MJR Waterford Cinema with fully-powered reclining seats, a full-service Studio Bar & Lounge, and luxurious VIP Seats featuring side tables and a personal privacy enclosure.

Who founded MJR? ›

History. MJR Theatres was created in 1980 by Mike Mihalich with the acquisition of Main Theatre (sold in 1997 and now known as the Main Art Theatre) in Royal Oak, Michigan. The name MJR was taken from their original slogan Movies Just Right.

What is the MJR clap? ›

This bout of audience participation happens during a trailer for the theater that reminds moviegoers not to talk or text during the show. Right after a singer belts, “It's more than just a movie, it's a big night out!” some audience members clap three times in a row.

How movies are playing in theaters? ›

Projector. Projectors are the primary devices used in cinemas to display the digital content stored in the DCP. They work by projecting a bright beam of light through the DCP and onto the cinema screen, creating a large-scale image that audiences can enjoy.

Does Disney have a cinema? ›

Treat yourself to a movie and a blockbuster meal served right at your seat in this state-of-the-art cinema.

Where can I play movies? ›

Top 5 providers
  • Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • Disney Plus.
  • Apple TV Plus.
  • Apple TV.

How much does MJR pay in Michigan? ›

How much does MJR DIGITAL CINEMAS in Michigan pay? Average MJR DIGITAL CINEMAS hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.89 per hour for Usher to $13.46 per hour for Assistant Manager.

How much do character cast members make? ›

As of Apr 25, 2024, the average annual pay for a Disney Characters in the United States is $48,986 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $23.55 an hour. This is the equivalent of $942/week or $4,082/month.

How much do screen actors make? ›

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the Screen Actor Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists' national executive director, reports actors made a median salary of $46,960 in 2021, with the lower quartile averaging $30,040, though studios make over $12 billion a year.

What is the average salary of a cast member at Disney? ›

The estimated total pay range for a Attractions Cast Member at Disneyland Resort is $14–$20 per hour, which includes base salary and additional pay. The average Attractions Cast Member base salary at Disneyland Resort is $17 per hour.

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