16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (2024)

Search engines can pull up hundreds of recipes for any given dish. Which one will you choose? Surely, the one that doesn’t require you to run to the supermarket to pick up missing ingredients. Once in a while you can make that effort, particularly if you have guests coming over for dinner. But if you are feeling tired or lazy and just want to prepare something good out of whatever you have in your pantry, the usual cookbook won’t work. You need a reverse-recipe search engine.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (1)

Here are a few of them to try out.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (2) 1. Recipe Matcher allows you to enter whatever ingredients you have in your fridge and matches it to recipes in their database. Just enter the ingredients you have at home or the ones you want to use and the site will tell you all that you can make. You can narrow down the results to better match your tastes by telling the search engine what type of dish you wish to prepare (breakfast, dessert, American, Asian) and what the primary ingredients need to be.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (3) 2. Super Cook has the search as you type functionality bringing you results in real time as you enter each ingredients. The results update every time a new ingredient is added. A suggestion box keep asking you for specific ingredients like “Do you have olive oil?”. If you do, click on it to add to the ingredient mixer. You can also highlight some of the ingredients to emphasize them. And if a recipe has almost all the ingredients except one or two, it will tell you what’s missing.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (4) 3. Recipe Puppy is a true recipe search engine. It lets you enter the ingredients and brings you results from all over the web. You are also allowed to emphasize on certain ingredients.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (5) 4. Cook Thing lets you start with one ingredient. Let’s say tomatoes. When press enter you get a list of ingredients that commonly appear with tomato recipes. Now check the boxes against the ingredients that you have and click ‘Find Recipes’ to get a list of recipes to try out. CookThing too is a universal search engine, meaning, it brings you recipes from all over the Internet.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (6) 5. My Fridge Food allows you to choose the ingredients you have from a huge list. (Click use detailed kitchen to reveal the entire list). Once you get the results you can filter it by category – breakfast, dinner, snacks etc. My Fridge Food will also show you the calorie count, fat, carbohydrate and protein content for each recipe – useful for the health conscious.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (7) 6. Recipe Land has more than 50,000 recipes to search through. You can add any number of ingredients to search using the “with” or “without” parameter. The most unfortunate thing about the site is that the search doesn’t work. I hope it’s a temporary problem because RecipeLand does have a nice looking search tool.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (8) 7. Recipe Key: You begin by searching for an ingredient and then dragging it to a virtual pantry. You keep doing this until you have added all the ingredients to the pantry. Then click on ‘Find recipes’ to find matching meals. You can filter the results by meal type (breakfast, lunch, dinner), cuisines (American, Chinese, Indian), cook method (grill, stove, microwave), preparation time, cook time and even difficulty level! Amateur cooks should keep this on their bookmarks.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (9) 8. Food.com (amazing domain name, by the way) uses menus which you have to navigate to locate your ingredients and add them to your selection. A little orange box tells you the number of matching recipes they have found even before you search it. The menu approach is a bit clumsy, I prefer manually typing in the ingredients. Success rate is variable.

Note: You have to click on the “Recipe sifter” button on the right of the navigation bar to open the recipe search tool.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (10) 9. Not Beans Again lets you enter up to 5 ingredients. The results are limited and some very irrelevant. For example, one recipe says I need Tuna when I didn’t have any.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (11) 10. Fridge to Food is a simple no-frills search site. You enter all ingredients together into the search box and hit enter to see the results. The site’s database of recipes is small and some of the results are not too relevant.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (12) 11. Ideas4Recipes is another simple recipe search site that lets you whip out a quick meal from available ingredients. You can enter up to 5 ingredients at once.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (13) 12. All Recipes has a search by ingredient section that allows you to add up to 4 ingredients. It also lets you enter ingredients you don’t want to appear in results. Options are limited.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (14) 13. Food Pair allows you to add up to 10 ingredients. But adding more ingredients instead of showing more recipes, oddly shrinks the results down until you are left with one to no recipe. The problem with the search tool is that it thinks we want to use all the ingredients on the same recipe.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (15) 14. Big Oven lets you search by adding up to 3 ingredients. You can refine the results by choosing to exclude up to 3 ingredients, stuff that you don’t have in hand. Results can be sorted by food category and preparation time.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (16) 15. Cooking by Numbers is another of those ingredients search site. You select the items in your fridge and your cupboard using checkboxes and the site will try to find out what you can prepare with minimum fuss. The website was down at the time of this review, and therefore I wasn’t able to explore it in full.

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (17) 16. Food Combo is a search engine that lets you search for recipes across multiple websites by adding ingredients you have within reach. You can then filter the results by tags such as "Italian", "breakfast", "low carb" etc. If you have allergies towards certain food, you can eliminate them from the results. This allergy filter can also be used to eliminate recipes that require ingredients you don't have. You can fine tune the results further by adding dietary restrictions, such as if you are a vegan or or a vegetarian.

Bonus Site: What The f*ck Should I Make For Dinner?

16 websites to find recipes by ingredients you have (2024)


Is there a website where I can list ingredients and get recipes? ›

RecipeRadar helps you to search for recipes by ingredients, plan your meals, and create food shopping lists. The service aims to be distraction-free, privacy-respecting, and is provided as free and open source software so that you can inspect and modify the code - feedback and contributions are welcome.

Is there an app that tells you what you can cook from what you have? ›

MyFridgeFood is a useful app that allows you to take the food already in your pantry and tranform it into full meals. Simply, select various food items you currently have and a list of recipes will appear. As you add more available ingredients, the recipes will update to reflect the new items included.

What are the best recipe websites? ›

2024's Best Recipe Websites: Our Picks
  • Minimalist Baker.
  • Love and Lemons.
  • Cookie and Kate.
  • Pinch of Yum.
  • Budget Bytes.
  • Smitten Kitchen.
  • A Cozy Kitchen.
  • David Lebovitz.
Apr 2, 2024

Is SuperCook app free? ›

SuperCook is a free pantry inventory and recipe planning app for iOS and Android devices. You can use this mobile app to keep track of what food you have at home, organize your shopping list, and get recipe suggestions using ingredients on hand.

What is the cooking show where you buy your ingredients? ›

In this kitchen contest, home cooks bid on ingredients to create dishes that will impress celebrity guest judges — and win the cash left in their bank. Watch all you want.

Where can I find reliable recipes? ›

15 Best recipe websites
  1. Pinch of Yum.
  2. Budget Bytes.
  3. Smitten Kitchen.
  4. Damn Delicious.
  5. Simply Recipes.
  6. Minimalist Baker.
  7. Half Baked Harvest.
  8. Joy the Baker.
Dec 18, 2023

How does cooklist work? ›

It connects to your grocery store loyalty cards and automatically downloads all of your food purchases into a digital pantry. Over 1 million cooking recipes are then matched to the groceries you have in your fridge and pantry and filtered to show you a feed of recipes you can cook with the food you already have.

Is Tasty app free? ›

Free trial plans are available and subscriptions start at $3.99 / month. Download the Tasty app today!

Where do most people get their recipes? ›

Some popular sources include:
  • Cooking websites and blogs, such as Allrecipes, Food.com , and Epicurious.
  • Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Cooking and recipe books, both physical and digital.
  • Cooking and recipe apps, such as Yummly and Cookpad.
  • Friends and family members.
Jan 23, 2023

Where is Foodgawker? ›

The company is based in San Francisco and consists of a small team of editors, creatives and developers passionate about photography, food, crafts, fashion and design.

How many people search for recipes online? ›

Increasingly, consumers are using the digital space to connect their home kitchen to their grocery store of choice. According to a new report from New York City-based commerce advertising platform Chicory, 89% of consumers say they use digital recipes and 43% say they are using digital recipes more often.

Is Recipe Keeper free? ›

Recipe Keeper is an app for iPhone and Android devices. There are also web apps for Chrome and Windows browsers which make it easy to save recipes on a computer. The free version is limited to saving a certain number of recipes but a premium version is just $13 with no monthly subscription.

Is CookBook app free? ›

CookBook is free to download! Unlocking over 20 recipes requires an active monthly/yearly subscription or lifetime purchase. Monthly subscriptions are billed per month.

Is Eat this much meal planner free? ›

We offer both free accounts and premium accounts. As a free user, you can create a day's meal plan and completely customize it however you want.

How do food bloggers get their recipes? ›

Where Do You Get The Inspiration For Your Recipes?
  1. friends and family.
  2. restaurants.
  3. magazines.
  4. seasonal produce.
  5. other blogs.
  6. my constant food cravings.

How to create a recipe book for free? ›

Creating a DIY cookbook doesn't have to require expensive design software. There are many templates that allow you to design recipe cards or a simple DIY recipe layout using free tools like Canva, MS Word, or even Google Docs. You can always make the photographs yourself and use daily life images you already own.

How to sell food recipes online? ›

Starting a recipe blog is a perfect way to share your recipes and cooking experiences with the online world and also sell them. By creating content with detailed instructions, helpful tips, and photos of your creations, you can monetize your blog. Blogging also helps you create a community of unique recipe lovers.

Is Magic Fridge Free? ›

Yes, that's right. The app is free and there's more to know…

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