Okie OilMan: "The Man, the Myth, The Legend " by Dr. Dinar — Dinar Recaps (2024)

Thank you Dr. Dinar, and Thank You Okie!!!!

Okie Oilman ~ The Man, The Myth, The Legend

by Dr. Dinar

Be it 10 minutes or ten years, if you've been involved in the RV/GCR at any level whatsoever, then chances are pretty good that you've heard mention of "Okie" somewhere along your journey.

Or more appropriately, Okie Oilman.

Seemingly larger than life, with a reputation that far precedes him.

Without a doubt a Dinarland legend in our own time.

For those that weren't around back in the day, when it came to the RV of the IQD, Okie Oilman was the original voice of authority.

Sure, there were others around but to this day I doubt any of them still command the presence that Okie does.

After all, there's only one Okie Oilman.

Always has been. Always will be.

While many attempted to duplicate him along the trail, his style truly is one-of-a-kind.

Pretenders need not apply.

Simply seeing the words GOOD MORNING AMERICA - SHIPS AT SEA and ALL OUR WORLD WIDE FRIENDS at the beginning of a Dinarland post meant that Okie was in the house and likely ready to drop some awesome intel.

Sure, many people thought Okie was crazy, what with his $3.41 rate guesstimate an' all.

Yet at the same time, many others were more than convinced of his qualifications to speak on all things RV related.

Hearing rumors of his supposedly being in a particular photo in front of a well known "House" with a few other well known folks definitely helped add to his credibility.

And at the same time, his larger-than-life mystique.

Best of all, no one could prove one way or another as no one knew for certain who he was, nor what he looked like.

They only knew his voice. That unmistakable voice.

In reality, that likely helped more than it hurt his reputation.

Back then, the RV was all there was.

It was more than enough to keep Dinarland awash in rumors 24/7.

There was no talk of anything such as the Vietnamese Dong nor the Zim, let alone an impending GCR.

It was all Iraq. All dinar. All. The. Time.

And Dinarians were in need of something to believe in.

Something to prove to themselves that this too good to be true roller coaster was indeed a worthwhile venture.

Something to keep them moving forward, letting them know that they weren't insane like their Brother-In-Law's Gardner's Hairdresser said they were.

That the RV of the IQD wasn't a scam and that indeed those fortunate few that chose to get involved were in a special Club.

Also keep in mind that he was more than a bit controversial.

When one of the most well known of the Guru's at the time, with his Series 7 Certificate framed and nailed to his bathroom wall, was continually spouting rumors of the how's & why's of the Iraqi dinar revaluing at an astounding rate of $0.10, and that we should be grateful at that, in rode Okie Oilman, high on his horse, shouting out his $3.41 rate.

Like a modern day Paul Revere, fresh from the Sandbox.

Never wavering from that rate.

One can only imagine the controversy that caused.

How could someone declare such a thing, let alone with such conviction.

Was he insane, or so supremely confident in his sources that he chose to stand tall in the face of nearly constant controversy.

And by controversy I mean he was bad mouthed and bashed by numerous doubting Dinarians far and wide, refusing to believe in his logic, his so called sources, nor the feasibility of such an insanely high rate.

But like a finely crafted, Zirconian encrusted Timex watch, he took a lickin' and kept on tickin', never once backing down from his beliefs.

Best of all, look who's laughin' now.

Looks like he was nearly spot on.

At least according to the latest rumors floating around Dinarland.

Give or take a bit here 'n there for inflation, more barrels produced per day, etc..

And speaking of horses, he was beyond proud that he held more than enough dinar to "stuff his horse Trigger".

Which could only mean one thing.

He truly believed in the RV of the IQD and was all in, no matter how long it took to see the end result.

And if Okie Oilman was all in, then dangit, so was I.

Not only that, he was also committed to his sources.

Sources that were rumored to be of the highest level.

And it was that confidence that convinced many of us that we weren't crazy.

That this entire RV thing wasn't a scam and that we were on the right track.

Armed with a voice stronger than a Morgan Freeman/Sam Elliot combo plate, just as when EF Hutton spoke, when Okie spoke, people listened.

As time went on and the GCR began to get a foothold, he began participating in fewer conference calls.

Yet his posting still continued on, easily recognizable by his numerous Okieism's.

Quick one-liners, a few creative words here 'n there and you knew you were reading an Okie Oilman post.

Clever quips such as "Closer that a tick on a dog." or "Closer than a Band-Aid on your skin."

Small attention-grabbers like those let you know that Okie was still in the game and if you were smart, you would be as well.

As the years have continued to roll by, bringing the VND, the ZIM and most of all the GCR to the forefront of this seemingly never ending roller coaster ride, despite fewer appearances, Okie continues to command attention.

Numerous Guru's having left the stage along the way, bowing out in the knowing that despite their best intentions, they weren't as well connected as they once thought.

Nor as they'd hoped.

Sure, to date nearly everyone has been wrong about this entire RV/GCR thing.

Including Okie. Yet he has never shown any signs of throwin' in the towel.

Which honestly, is a testament to his mental strength and fortitude.

Over the years this entire thing has morphed more times than we've heard "sooner than later" or "It's done... we're just waiting for the release!"

And honestly, that's a heckuva lot of times.

Yet, in all this time Okie has continued to stick to his $3.41 and never wavered.

More than can be said of many other folks throughout the years.

And who knows, Okie might end up being right.

As crazy as it sounded at the time, it doesn't even come close to all the Contract Rate insanity that has continued to permeate Dinarland throughout the past 5 or 6 years.

Wouldn't that be awesome vindication after all that Okie Oilman has endured.

Sure, I certainly want the highest available rate but at the same time I'd truly enjoy seeing Okie being vindicated.

Let's see how all that plays out.

Hopefully soon.

I'm really looking forward to this thing reaching its conclusion.

To bringing this thing in for a landing.

To finally be able to fold up our foldout tables and adjust our seat backs to an upright position.

Like Okie always says, "If you're not excited... then your wood's still wet."

With all the stuff floating around in Dinarland these days, maybe it's finally time to get excited.

We've been circling the airport now for far too long.

Enough with the refueling.

It's time to drop the landing gear and bring 'er in for a landing once and for all.

And I don't know about you but I'm more than ready to graduate.

I'm looking forward to Okie's graduation speech, receiving my RV/GCR Diploma, and getting on to improving the lives of those around me.

Thank you, Okie Oilman, for all you've done throughout the years to help not only me and my family, but numerous other Dinarians all across Dinarland survive this far too long drawn out trail ride.

'Nuff said.

Hang in there folks, it's almost over.


Dr. Dinar

Okie OilMan: "The Man, the Myth, The Legend " by Dr. Dinar  — Dinar   Recaps (2024)
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