Judy Byington – Sunday. 07 July, 2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sunday. 07 July, 2024

Compiled Sunday. 07 July, 202412:01 am ESTby Judy Byington


Emergency Broadcast System Alert:

  • We will receive seven Trumpets(aka EBS Text messages) on our phones alerting us on what is happening and urging us to tune into our TV and radios.
  • On our TVs and Radios the EBS will play eight hour documentariesthree times a day for ten days (called Ten Days of Communication Darkness).
  • The Internet and ATMswill not work during the ten days.
  • Phones will only work for 911 calls,but we can obtain a Signal App from the Military which will secure the phones for regular use.
  • After the Ten Days of Communication Darkness,all phones, TVs, radios and computers will connect to the new Quantum Internet run on the secure Star Link Satellite System.
  • We will be called into Redemption Centerswhere we will receive NESARA payments and be connected to our bank accounts (identified by our own body rhythms) through the new Quantum System. Banks will no longer have access to our monies.

Global Currency Reset:

Guesses of a Possible Timeline for RV,forward from JR. on Telegram

  • We are supposed to have RVbefore NESARAwas officially released to public to get accounts set up in the month of July.
  • Almost all RV GURUS and Intelhave all stated we should only take 10 days to go through all the currency holders before lockdowns (since they are going to be open 24/7 for 10 days) More redemption centers in higher populated areas. Our email confirmations an Ph #s have been given to 5 + websites.
  • All Intel stateswere going to have 3 to 10 day lockdown of the internet to reveal to the masses. This is when they announce at the END of that announcement.
  • They have new QFSaccountsthat they will have to go in. To get there Quantum account set up at the closest bank or redemption centre in their area.
  • EMAILShave to come in from now up to no later thanTuesday June 9thto get into the Redemption Centers before the lockdowns.
  • JULY 20thto start lockdowns for 10 days to get QFS an MED-BEDS released to the world at the very end of this MONTH

Judy Note: What we think we know as of Sun. 7 July 2024:

  • There will bean Internet Blackout.
  • The White Hat Militaryis in control of the redemption process, which has released funds across the World for the Global Currency Reset.
  • All bankshave signed Non Disclosure Agreements.
  • The fundscome directly from the US Treasury Department of Defense Operations – that go out to Treasury Departments in other countries.
  • Japanhas revalued their currency.
  • Bond Holdershave begun to be paid in Brazil.
  • Notificationshave gone out to Tier 4a, a small group of Tier4b and some Bond Holders.
  • Sat. 6 July 2024 Wolverine.“It has started. It is a process hopefully completed bythe 20th.I’m hoping to get the Green Light in a few days.”
  • Fri. 5 July 2024 Texas Snake:“Well folks it’s not like we haven’t heard this before but, I just got off a call from Hong Kong, London, NYC, Reno, and me. They are indicating that certain bond holder groups are having funds disbursed to paymastersover this weekendand that we as currency holders should remain vigilante for notificationsthis coming week. An FYI only as banker has not suggested same.

Global Financial Crisis:

  • Sat. 6 July 2024 This is absolutely insane:Annual US government spending reached a MASSIVE $6.5 trillion in May, just $1.1 trillion below the March 2021 record. The government total outlays have DOUBLED in just a decade. To put this into perspective, this is more than the size of most world economies except the US and China. Meanwhile, the US budget deficit hit $1.7 trillion, or 6.2% of GDP over the last 12 months. In the past, such levels of spending have only occurred during major crises. What’s the long-termplanhere?
  • Sat. 6 July 2024:90% of all trade between China and Russia is conducted in Ruble or Yuan after ditching the US Dollar.
Judy Byington – Sunday. 07 July, 2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)
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