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By: Dominick Giammarino

Last Updated onMarch 4, 2015

Dinar Recaps is a great sitethat has been up since June of 2011. They provide information on the Iraqi dinar revaluation. Obviously, they have a much bigger archive of informative posts for you to view. They have a newsletter you can subscribe to. Below is my review of the website including the links I recommend you check out.

Dinar Recaps Website Review


This is my review for the site. Before you rush out and buy dinars (Iraqi currency notes) read this review and my guide on Iraqi dinar.

This site has a bit of new information everyday, much like my sites breaking news page, it doesn’t seem to regurgitate the information other sites are putting out, at least, not too much. They tend to post a lot of conference call messages, links to the actual calls and chat room messages. The site also has important post RV information. Even though they do post some dinar guru information from people such as TNT Tony try to just filter out the facts from the BS, if you want to know the facts, you should check out some of the links I have on breaking news, mainly because I take the Arabic sites and translate them into English. LatestIQDRV News is available from the site. Breaking News On Iraqi Dinar updates can be found here as well. There is quite a bit of Iraqi News on the website. The 2015 intel is coming out pretty fast now.

I like the fact thatthe sitehas put up an about us page, most sites don’t do that, and even if they do, they don’t go into detail about what they believe in, here is what is says on the siteas of today (March 4, 2015)

Understanding Dinar Recaps

It seems to be a well designed site, even though they post lots of dinar guru information, at this point, you are quite limited in what you can talk about. Nobody really knows much about these “Intel sources” actually know, or who, in fact, these intel people actually are. The dinar gurus keep their intel sources hidden most of the time and because of that folks like TNT Tony speak for these sources. I’m not bashing anyone here, I’m just saying that I look at the facts, and since there is very little information coming from the mainstream media about this, we have to rely on recaps for our news. Make sure you don’t buy the lower denom dinar notes.

Check out my YouTube video about the word reset being used by Christine LaGarde. The video below shows off the site a bit. You can always find 2015 newshound guru updates on the different sites. A factor of the recaps site I like is that you can leave comments, something other sites don’t allow. Users on recaps always give information about the banks they visit and what is being said. Granted, not all of it is true, but you always have to separate fact from fiction in life. There are lots of people who call themselves an intel guru, what is the proof that they are? Remember guru dinar OKIE Oil Man it’s done? There might be a CNN report on dinar today and you missed it because you focused on the wrong sources. Wang dang is another example.

Special thanks to the folks at recaps for posting my articles, I appreciate it. Keep checking back for more on dinar news. The latest TNT Tony Dinar Update which won’t help you. For more on Dinar Detectives Updates and for CNN Report on Dinar Today this site is a great resource.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to understand the Iraqi Dinaris really to just do your own research. Sure you can look at the blog sites and read all of the news until you are old and grey, but most of the rumors you read are really not worth reading. I’m speaking mainly about those gurus who try to get you to listen to their calls so they can get you to buy something. Sometimes it’s a trust, sometimes it’s dinar itself, sometimes, it’s a membership. The nice thing about recaps is that they don’t charge a monthly fee. If you ever try to visit and you see the recaps site down don’t be concerned. This happens from time to time. The blog they have usually loads quickly and the updates come at regular intervals. Don’t focus on TNT new so much, focus on information from the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) for updates. Don’t mess with dinar trade or dinar banker. Dinar Vets run by Adam Montana is a forum site. Dinar Daddy is run by Roger Dorman, and his wife runs Treasury Vault.

You should find conference call links, sometimes you will have access to the audio player recording which is usually in .mp3 format. Notes from the calls are published occasionally. Always check the CBI for press releases about the exchange rate of currencies. If you are on a newsletter, make sure you check it for clues as to what is happening. The news today, which might just be speculation, could become truth next week.

Note that this investment is not for everyone. Some of you have been ripped off. Know the facts before you invest.

Before you go out and buy dinar you should do research. The Central Bank of Iraqis your best choice for finding updated news. There are plenty ofdinar detectives sites out there that providemoneynews today. I don’t advise listening to Tony for any amount of time. Each day is newrevaluerumor. If you want rv news check recaps or my site. I explain that there was a scam that happened with the BH Group. Don’t get the idea you can simply trade your Iraq money and get the full value. You can’t. You can tradedinars to dollars only though authorized exchange sites. This currency is a hugespeculation, so be cautious. Know thevalue of dinar.

Thanks for checking out this review of the dinar recaps site,I hope you enjoyed reading.

Iraqi Dinar Recaps - Blog Updates From Tony, Okie and Mnt Goat (2024)
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