Frank26 (ALMOST WHITE) Extracts – Sunday 07-07-2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)

I want to share with you the Eddie’s report on the subject. And what we have from Eddie is an update on parliament. As you know, parliament is acting silly. Parliament is acting silly and they demand the attention of sudani.

Sudani, pay attention to me. Okay, Sudani, you need my vote. Okay, Sudani, you need us to pass some laws. Sudani, you need to send a lock over to talk to us.

Now, all of those things are not a delay, they’re not a deterrent, but it is part of the atmosphere of the monetary reform that we are breathing right now. You jump in the ocean, you can’t help but to get wet. You go to Iraq, you can’t help but to see the influence of Iran.

But it’s really been whittled down. It’s really been reduced. So parliament is not so much of a problem that it’s going to cause a delay. But parliament is something that is causing discomfort, friction, lies, misleading fake media.

That’s what parliament is. And we all are familiar with that tactic and we understand how it works and why it works, why it’s introduced into a society. So right now, parliament wants so bad for someone to pay attention to them, but no one is. And I spend the time talking to you about this because I think it’s important.

I don’t want you to be affected. I don’t want you to be depressed.

Eddie’s sending a report on what you wanted. He went to go see his bank friend and we got more information from bank.

The Sudanese are meeting to agree upon a speaker of the House.

So you see, they don’t need. They don’t need parliament. They’re meeting with sudanese people to agree upon a speaker of the House.

This all came about as a break through happened with the visit of Brzani. That was a good visit. When Brzani came, that was wonderful because not only did it pioneer the HCl to be open, but also now you’ve got a speaker of the house as well, too. Well, because he’s willing to vote for it and speed the process up.

Wonderful. Do we need a speaker of the house in order to have the monetary reform introduced? No, but it sure would be nice, in my opinion. It would be nice, you know, unity organization, shoulder to shoulder, Sudani with this cabinet.

Let’s see, the television says that some kind of political agreement.

Now, I’ll explain it to you in just a second here. TV is saying that we have some kind of political agreement that was made. And they say that this is the key to the amnesty law being passed on television now.

So again, parliament wants to be a part of that. Parliament wants to be recognized that because of you, parliament, we have a new monetary reform. Because of you parliament, we’re having a new lower notes because of a new exchange.

Parliament wants to take the credit for things that they don’t deserve and that’s what is causing a lot of waste of time, the television is saying that there’s some kind of a political agreement. Now that agreement was something that Sudani and Brzani established and that agreement was the HCL. And they’re telling us that this is the key also to the amnesty law being passed on television.

family, you want to hear the joke of the day? Parliament demands, they are demanding today on television that they want full control of the parallel market. They want full control of the parallel market and to prosecute, check this out. And parliament is saying, and they want to prosecute the ones that are manipulating the dollar rate.

. It’s half of parliament who are the crooks that are doing this, Mister Frank, anywhere that they can make money or steal it, they are in on it. Television demanding to control the market and stop the parallel market. They are the ones causing the whole mess.

Family, don’t worry, don’t pay attention to any negativity, any negative articles that you see that comes out would suggest that there is no monetary fund, there is no purchasing power coming, there are no lower notes. All of that has already been talked about. All of that is ancient history.

All of that is already in the minds of the Iraqi citizens. They’re just waiting for it. They are in position like what was his name? Johnny Bench.

I think Johnny Bench was probably, yeah, one of the, one of the greatest catchers in Major League Baseball. Johnny Bench was always in position to catch that bean ball, you know, catch that fastball. He was always quick on the draw to throw out that guy on third or first base or second and the same thing. The Iraqi citizens are in position to receive to catch what they know is about to be thrown at them.

They want to stop the parallel market. I agree. But they want to stop it because they know what Sudani has done already with the monetary reform.

They know what Sudani has done with the monetary reform of your currency. And somewhere around the 14th, in my opinion, everything I’m saying on this conference call is strictly in my opinion.

Sudani has done with the monetary reform of the currency. He’s explained it to us. And I believe that somewhere in my opinion, around the 14th, we may see another move by Sudani parliament.

No one pays attention to them. And like a desperate man crying out for help in a deep hole where no one can hear them, that’s where parliament finds itself right now. These are the rewards of parliament, regardless of how much they scream.

But Sudani is finally in control of your country and your reforms. And he is about to keep his promise to you iraqi citizens. And then he sends another report.

Today, the CBI and a lock. They’re adding paper. They’re adding.

They’re releasing documents. They’re adding paper to the e commerce. This is good for us because they’re saying it’s more of a security feature. Now you have an article on it.

Claire, Put that article in final article thread about the e commerce and label it security for the monetary reform. Security for the monetary reform, today the CBI and a lot, the governor of the CBI are adding papers to the e commerce and they’re saying it’s more of a security feature.

What do we need for the monetary reform? What do we need for the lower notes and the new exchange rate? So they’re saying it’s more for a security feature and it enhances our technology in this field.

It’s like we have the most expensive car in the world, but we have no mortar in it. We got no mortar in it. So many new things. So many new things, but no wealth for the citizens.

Those are your orders. Aren’t they? That is what you’re supposed to be doing right now. Sit and wait for what Sudani promised to give you.

Sidani did not come out and change the promise. Zidane is not going back on his word of anything at all. He is constantly reminding you that.

We haven’t forgotten. We’re still doing this. Another thing, family, many of you are wondering about the calendar that Iraq uses. I see you talking and it’s a discussion in other groups, and that’s good, it’s a healthy discussion.

But I’d like to express my opinion, if it’s of any value to anybody. Sudani made it very clear to the iraqi citizens that he was going to add value to their currency this year. And we’re talking about the year of 2024. And what I mean by that is that Sudani does not go by a gregorian calendar.

Iraq does not use a gregorian calendar. The Government of Iraq does not go by an isolation islamic calendar. The Government of Iraq does not go by a gregorian or islamic calendar. The Sudani, his government, they don’t go by a julian calendar, no, they go by a fiscal.

By a fiscal calendar. And it’s also not like the fiscal calendar of the United States. The United States of America. Ours is a financial calendar.

Ours goes from September to October, I believe. Yeah, September 31 to October 1, but Iraq goes from January 1 to December 31. So throw out gregorian, throw out Islamic throughout, Julian. And just, just, just understand it’s a fiscal year.

Fiscal means that it’s 365 days. So that’s what I wanted to share with you, the situation that Sudani is in right now with the monetary reform, with the citizens of Iraq. They’re close. And it now leads me to the next subject that I want to talk to you about.

the most important thing is that Sudani is in control. He has security and stability for the monitor. We’re going to be introduced and the whole international world knows what’s going on.

And right now, nobody is surprised about what is happening in Iraq with their monetary reform, everybody knows preparing for it.

I love the fact that Sudani is very straightforward with the iraqi citizens. And he tells them, please just avoid. he tells them, please just avoid.

Just avoid any negativity. Just avoid parliament. So Sudani’s in control of the monetary reform. He’s brought security and stability.

Citizens are waiting to receive what he promised them. Everything is looking good. And as much as parliament wants to be a pain and delay and cause problems, don’t pay attention.

Frank26 (ALMOST WHITE) Extracts – Sunday 07-07-2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)
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