five - duch*esscharliejames - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2024)

Percy lets out a shaky breath, foot bouncing on the floor.

One more race. Thats all thats left of this season, all that’s left for him to win a championship. One more race to beat Jason and solidify his place in history.

“Hey,” a voice calls out, pulling Percy out of his head. “You okay there?”

He looks up, sees the familiar face of Annabeth Chase, the head engineer and car designer for Delphi Racing popping into his room.

“I’m good. Just. Last race. Last chance to win this thing for you.”

Annabeth steps further into his driver room, smiles softly at him. “Win it for yourself, Seaweed Brain. Double points finish should wrap up the constructors championship for us. If my math is right, Jupiter Motors needs a 1-2 finish to beat us on that front. And that’s not happening, because I’ve got the best driver on the grid in my car.”

Percy smirks at her, sitting up a little straighter. “Best driver on the grid, huh?”

She rolls her eyes at him, faking exasperation. “I’m not saying it again. Not until you win this race.”

“Got it, Wise Girl. Win from pole and make it a grand slam?”

“Sounds like a good plan. I think that’s the Plan Alpha Grover has for you, if I heard the briefing correctly.”

Percy barks out a laugh, his nerves calmed by Annabeth’s presence, the way they always are.

“Thanks, Annabeth,” he says, standing up and taking her hand. “Guess I have a championship to win now.”

“Anytime, Percy,” she replies, squeezing his hand. “Go win your fifth championship, bring it home.”


He brings it home. Wins from pole, fighting off Jason Grace with all he’s got and manages to snag a fastest lap to complete the grand slam he promised Annabeth.

It’s a close race, the gap to Jason never bigger than 10 seconds, and the two swap positions the whole race. It’s a hard fought win, but it’s a win. His fifth world drivers championship in a row and Delphi Racing’s fifth constructors championship in a row.

It’s a new record, and one Percy already wants to beat next year.

“That’s P1 Percy Jackson! You are the world champion, and you sealed the deal with a grand slam!” Grover says through the radio, his excitement palpable.

“Holy sh*t, holy sh*t we did it!!” Percy says back to his race engineer. “Thank you so much, everyone! Couldn’t have done it without you, Grover and everyone in the garage!!! Holy sh*t!!”

“Congrats, Seaweed Brain!! That’s a fifth world championship! I’m so proud of you, everyone here is.” It’s Annabeth’s voice on the radio this time, her smile evident in her excitement.

“Thanks for the amazing car, Wise Girl,” he responds. “Tell me we got the constructors championship too?”

“We got it, you and Will both got on the podium. P3 for Will, he held off Zhang amazingly. I’ll see you on the podium, you’ve got some burnouts to do.”

“It’s a date.”

His radio clicks silent and Percy sticks a hand out of his car and signals to Jason Grace and Will Solace that they’ve been given the go-ahead for burnouts. He gets two thumbs up in response and immediately turns his car while hitting the break. Smoke goes up around him and he giggles, despite being a fully grown man. He giggles because he’s doing burnouts once again as the world champion and it’s the best feeling to have won this way, to have fought the whole season and have an actual competitor this year. He’s got no doubt in his mind Jason will be the one on the top step next year, Jupiter really challenged them and he’s a strong driver.

But not strong enough this year. This year, it’s Percy on top again. Percy who gets to walk out last and stand on that top step of the podium with Annabeth on the constructors podium.

They hear their anthems play, a sense of pride for both of them, and Percy stand straighter than he ever has in his life, still can’t believe he pulled off this Herculean task, but it’s real. It’s real, and his mom is in the crowd, crying happy tears as she holds his sister and leans into Paul, and his dad isn’t far away, eyes also wet with tears. It’s real and Annabeth is right there, just out of reach on her own podium, but looking at him with eyes full of pride and love.

And then it’s time for the champagne.

The anthems end and Percy can see Will putting down his trophy, switching it out for the champagne bottle at his feet that he starts to shake before slamming it on the ground, causing an eruption of champagne to flow out.

Percy grabs his own bottle, aiming the spray at his teammate as he gets doused from all sides, Annabeth joining the fray as well.

Jason’s good naturedly spraying all three members of the Delphi Racing team, his smile not quite reaching his eyes, but Percy knows from the cool down room that Jason had done everything he could, Percy was just better this race. So Jason sprays them, celebrates his P2 finish in the race and championship standings, having just edged out Will over the season.

Percy’s pulled out of his head by a shower of champagne down his back, Annabeth’s laughter right in his ear as she upends her bottle down the back of his race suit.

“Oh it’s on, Chase,” he says, shaking his bottle a little more before dumping it over her head, saturating her blonde curls in champagne.

“Percy!” she squeals, sputtering as the champagne runs down her face. “Oh my god, I’m gonna look crazy for the photos now.”

“You still look fine, you used waterproof makeup earlier,” he reminds her, arms slowly wrapping around her. “Now, I believe you owe me something,” he says, lips turning up into a smirk.

Annabeth rolls her eyes at his dramatic approach, but lets herself be tugged closer to Percy. “You’ve certainly fulfilled your end of the bargain,” she says, reaching to cup Percy’s cheek in her hand.

He can’t even think of anything to say in response, so he just crashes his lips onto hers, fulfilling a promise made at the start of the season.

“Win another championship for me, and the I’ll kiss you on the podium Seaweed Brain,” was the ultimatum Annabeth gave him during the first race weekend, when Percy whined about another season of keeping their relationship under wraps. And win he did.

It’s not their best kiss, Percy pressing hard into Annabeth, gripping her to him as they balance on the podium together, nearly empty bottles of champagne in hand, most of the liquid sprayed on the ground around them or clinging to their clothes.

No, it’s not the late night or early morning kisses shared on the beach, a kiss shared in his driver room before a race, or one behind their motorhome afterwards. It’s not filled with finesse, but it’s special because it’s one that tastes like champagne and winning and not hiding anymore. After six years, Percy can kiss Annabeth in public on purpose and not worry about the repercussions.

“Spray the lovebirds! They need to cool off!” Percy hears Will yell, feels the champagne spraying him. He wraps his arms more securely around Annabeth, poorly attempting to shield her from the onslaught of champagne.

“Took you long enough, Jackson!” Jason yells from the other side, also spraying them.

“Oh come on!” he protests, glaring at Jason over Annabeth’s shpulder. “We had our reasons!”

“Yeah, and yet almost the entire grid knew anyways! Worst kept secret,” Will throws back.

“And yet, you all helped us keep it from anyone outside of the grid. I’d say best kept secret,” Annabeth retorts, raising an eyebrow at her other driver.


“And now the secrets out,” Percy murmurs to Annabeth, drawing her attention back to him.

“Secrets out,” she confirms, smiling up at him, grey eyes sparkling. “What are you gonna do about it, Jackson?”

He doesn’t respond this time, just drops his champagne bottle to more firmly wrap his arms around Annabeth, hands splayed across her back as he pulls her in again and kisses her. Their lips pressed together, he dips her, arching her back as he smiles against her lips, the happiest he’s ever been.

Percy lets out a breath when he pulls back, this one steady when hours before it had been shaky. He smiles down at Annabeth, presses one more quick kiss to her lips before standing her up straight again.

He’s a five-time world champion. His team are five-time constructors champions. He’s dating the woman he’s had a crush on for longer than he probably realized and got to kiss her on the podium under a champagne shower. He’s got a pretty good life.

five - duch*esscharliejames - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2024)


What if two demigods have a child? ›

It was officially stated by Rick Riordan that if two demigods had a child it would be mortal.

Do Percy and Annabeth get married? ›

Yes, Annabeth is married to Percy Jackson, and has three kids: Cast, Ethan, and Zoe. How was Annabeth Chase born? Annabeth Chase is the half-blood daughter of the goddess Athena and the mortal man Frederick Chase.

Is there a 7th book in the Percy Jackson series? ›

Wrath of the Triple Goddess, which will be the seventh book in the Percy Jackson series. It will follow Percy as he continues his quests for college recommendation letters. Two things we do know about Wrath of the Triple Goddess thanks to fans at the initial launch event: it will feature Hecate and also Mrs. O'Leary.

Is Annabeth Percy's girlfriend? ›

Annabeth Chase is a demigod daughter of the Greek goddess Athena and girlfriend of Percy Jackson. She is one of the main protagonists in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus.

Do Percy and Annabeth's kids have powers? ›

If Percy and Annabeth had children, do you think their children would have powers? Yes they would, but not as strong as you would expect. Rick riordan stated that the kids of demigods, “would probably pass for normal mortals, since the godly powers get diluted with each generation.

Do Percy and Annabeth have a child? ›

Annabeth is married to Percy Jackson, and has three kids: Cast, Ethan, and Zoe. She loves her children equally, and usually is the stricter parent. However, she is the only one who can really "talk" to Ethan and relate to him, even getting him to open up about his feelings for George.

Does Percy ever kiss Annabeth? ›

Percy pulled Annabeth close and kissed her... long enough for it to get really awkward for Piper, though she said nothing. She thought about the old rule of Aphrodite's cabin: that to be recognized as a daughter of the love goddess, you had to break someone's heart.

Who is Percy Jackson's wife? ›

FAQs: Who is the wife of Percy Jackson? Annabeth Jackson (formerly Chase) is the demigod daughter of Athena and Frederick Chase. She played the roles of girlfriend and later wife to Percy Jackson, and together, they are parents to four children: Cast, Ethan, Zoe, and Violet Jackson.

Does Percy propose to Annabeth? ›

Well technically he proposed to Annabeth in the lightning thief when Percy threw a apple at Annabeth when playing hacky sack. Because that's how you propose in Ancient Greek.

What book do Percy and Annabeth get together? ›

He is aged fifteen in The Last Olympian, the son of Poseidon. Like Luke and Achilles he bathes in the River Styx and becomes invincible. He begins a romantic relationship with Annabeth Chase on his sixteenth birthday near the end of the book and even scores an underwater kiss.

Why did they stop making Percy Jackson movies? ›

Percy Jackson movies disappointed fans and performed poorly at the box office, leading to the abandonment of Percy Jackson 3. The Percy Jackson TV show on Disney+ offers a chance for a faithful adaptation of the books, with the author's involvement ensuring a true-to-source material approach.

Is there a sixth Percy Jackson? ›

It was released on September 26, 2023 by Disney Hyperion. It is the sixth novel of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and serves as a follow-up to the original five books, taking place after the events of the series The Heroes of Olympus but before the series The Trials of Apollo.

Why did Annabeth kiss Percy? ›

We all know that the reason Annabeth kissed him to begin with was because she wasn't sure whether he would make it out alive or not and wanted to show him how she felt with what little time they had left. For two weeks, that ended up being Annabeth's reality.

Who is Percy Jackson's crush? ›

Annabeth Chase

She dislikes him at first, but they become good friends over the course of the series, and eventually Percy confesses his feelings for her. Their relationship deepens in the Heroes of Olympus series. Percy imagines himself going to college with Annabeth and eventually marrying her.

Do Percy and Annabeth say I love you? ›

While still falling in Tartarus, Annabeth tells Percy "I love you", thinking that if she dies, those should be her last words. Throughout the book, it is mentioned several times that Annabeth is deeply in love with Percy and that she cannot live without him.

What is a child of a demigod called? ›

Such children are called legacies. They may or may not inherit powers from their demigod parents. Usually their powers are more restricted than those of their parents.

Can demigods date each other? ›

Basically, she says that only your parent counts. Not the whole godly family tree. So two demigods with the same parent can't date each other, but if they have different parents they can.

Can a demigod and a god have a child? ›

They would be a demigod, however they would pass on traits of both the divine parent and the divine grandparent. A perfect example of this is the family of Frank Zhang. Frank is a many great grandson of Poseidon and son of Mars. So it stands to believe that a God and demigod would just produce a more powerful demigod.

What god has the most demigod children? ›

Gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Hecate and Ares are known to have the most demigod children.

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