Colorado History Final Review Notes | Knowt (2024)

  1. Have Colorado’s boundaries ever changed?


  2. What time zone does Colorado lie in?

    Mountain Standard Time

  3. Colorado gives birth to four major rivers, what is its nickname?

    Mother of Rivers

  4. Five P’s

    Peaks, Parks, Piedmont, Plains

  5. French Term for the Rocky Mountains

    Les Montaignes Rocheuse

  6. Piedmonts


  7. Mount Massive Height

    14421 feet. 13-foot rock pile on top

  8. What was the trapping system?

    A way for trappers and traders to exchange beaver pelts and bison robes. There was the Upper Missouri Fur Trade (Bison Robes) and Rocky Mountain Fur Trade (Beaver Pelts)

  9. What was the ultimate result of the fur trade?

    The creation of trading posts and forts

  10. What are Mountain Men?

    Explorers who lived in the wilderness

  11. What happened to William Bent?

    He left, developed an unknown phenomenon and die

  12. What does the Treaty of Paris end?

    French and Indian War

  13. What part of Colorado does the Louisiana Purchase give to the United States?

    Colorado Plateau

  14. What does Mexico inherit when they gain independence?

    Spanish land in North America

  15. What is the Meeker Massacre?

    A massacre in which Meeker offended his chief, so the chief retaliated by killing him and hi soldiers.

  16. What did Native Americans call white people? Why?

    Spider people because the lines left by trails and tracks looked like webs

  17. What does the Treaty of Fort Laramie promise to Native Americans?

    Land from the North Platt

  18. How was John Chivington’s account of the Sand Creek Massacre a lie and why would he feel the need to lie about this?

  19. What is the best way to describe the immigration to Colorado during the Gold Rush?

  20. Out of the people who poured into Colorado to strike it rich, roughly how many left disappointed?


  21. Whose party discovered gold in Cherry Creek?

    William Green Russell

  22. What company did the Russell party establish?

    Auraria Town Company

  23. What fever caused mass migration?

    Pike’s Peak Fever

  24. Who struggled the most because of their loss of land?

    Native Americans

  25. Who discovered the mother-load of gold 25 miles west of Denver?

    John Gregory

  26. When did the first map of Denver appear?

    December 1, 1859

  27. The city Stratton sold his mine in is now called?

    Cripple Creek District

  28. What company was the oldest and finest retailer in Denver?

    Daniels & Fisher

  29. What was the name of the first bank Butch Cassidy Robbed?

    San Miguel Valley Bank

  30. How did Butch Cassidy get his nickname?

    Butch - butcher job; Cassidy - Mike Cassidy (father figure)

  31. How did Butch Cassidy create a blueprint on how to rob banks?

    He used well-thought out escape plans and planted fresh horses so he would have clean getaways.

  32. What was the title of the photo that got Butch Cassidy and his gang caught?

    The Fort Worth Five

  33. What city was the photograph taken?

    Fort Worth, Texas

  34. What trail did Butch Cassidy and his gang utilize?

    Outlaw Trail

  35. What was the name of Butch Cassidy’s gang?

    The Wild Bunch

  36. What are the three theories behind the death of Butch Cassidy?

    A.) He was killed in South America B.) It was a murder suicide C.) They escaped and adopted new identities

  37. What city is it rumored that Butch Cassidy died in? And Country?

    San Vicente in Bolivia

  38. What location did South Park help put back on the map?

    Lakewood (South Park)

  39. What is the DIA conspiracy theory?

    The paintings represent the destruction of the world and the New World Order. The airport was constructed by Freemasons who planted a time capsule to be opened in 2094.

  40. What is different about the horse at DIA?

    It has red eyes and fell on and killed its creator

  41. How did Soapy Smith get his Nickname?

    His soap game

  42. What did Soapy Smith declare himself?

    Boss of Denver’s Underworld Empire of Crime

  43. What were gang members in the crowd of a scam known as?

    “Soap Gang” or shills

  44. What scam did Soapy Smith Utilize in all of his scams?

    He auctioned soap bars wrapped in money and planted $100 bills in one of the bars. He then planted members of his gang in the crowd to find the $100 bill.

  45. What was the name of the man who killed Mountain Charley’s husband?


  46. How did Mountain Charley get out of her misfortune?

    She pawned all of her belongings, dressed up as a man, and got a job.

  47. What was the first town of Colorado Butch Cassidy was in and robbed?

    San Miguel Valley

  48. How did Butch Cassidy get his Outlaw name?

    Robbing banks and having clean getaways

  49. Who were the Pinkertons?

    Detective Agency

  50. What was the Scudder’s American Museum? (P.T. Barnum)

    Broadway in New York. Presented 500,000 natural and artificial curiosities from around the world.

  51. What opera singer did P.T. Barnum promote? What was her most famous opera?

    Jenny Lind Young

  52. What was the title of the show P.T. Barnum Created?

    A) The Greatest Show on Earth B) Swedish Nightingale

  53. What was the colony called that Barnum and Greeley created in Colorado?

    Union Colony No. Barnum

  54. What was Brown’s Bluff? Why is it significant?

    Barnum found the land. Site of the new capitol building. Barnum and son worked together to build the sanitarium.

  55. What act caused the Tabor’s to go bankrupt?

    Sherman Act

  56. What was Baby Doe Tabor’s real name?

    Elizabeth McCourt Tabor

  57. How did she get her nickname Baby Doe?

    Miners in central city who found her attractive

  58. Who was Horace Tabor?

    A prospector, businessman, and politician heavily involved in the silver mining business

  59. What were Tabor’s various titles?

    Bonanza King of Leadville and Silver King

  60. What was Tabor’s first wife’s name?

    Agusta Pierce Tabor

  61. What cafe did Tabor and Baby Doe meet? What city was this in?

    Saddle Rock Cafe in Leadville

  62. In what cities were the two Tabor opera houses?


  63. Roughly how much was Baby Doe’s wedding dress and necklace? Both back then and in today’s money.

    Dress - $7,000

    Necklace - $90,000

  64. What year did Tabor die?


  65. Where did Baby Doe die? What was wrong with her?

    In her cabin, where she froze to death

Colorado History Final Review Notes | Knowt (2024)
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